VINECASE – the Story begins

Our Story begins in early March 2016, when Daniel and I sat together in big, bronze chairs of one of Berlin bars. It was evening and the place was slowly getting crowded, full of loud, laughing people, typical atmosphere for a Berlin bar. City was slowly going back to life after winter. The waitress brought us wine we ordered just minutes ago. We have always enjoyed wine, especially in a great company, yet if anybody asked us at that time if Barolo was a grape or region, there is high chance we wouldn’t know. We both have been growingly unhappy with our ignorance for some time already, yet we couldn’t force us to do something about it.

That evening we started to discuss it. It turned out we both felt the same - wine world was simply too far away from us. We didn’t have any admiration for wine experts; critics, medals and points were no point of reference for us and wine technical descriptions were simply boring, not to even mention labels information. We enjoyed the wines our friends recommended to us and we very much liked rare situations in which we had the opportunity to talk to winemakers personally during wine tasting events. We loved to learn about the story and the idea of the winemaker, his or her vision for the wine. To get to know his production technique and listen to challenges he or she faced during the process. And at the end of a day, if we enjoyed the wine, we wanted to easily share it with our friends so they could effortlessly buy it and enjoy it as well.

We have been looking for some time for a place like this. With no success. And since it hasn’t existed, we decided to build it.


What every wine-drinker must know

It’s common knowledge that every wine is a result of 4 factors: Grape, Soil, Microclimate of the vineyard and winemaker’s skills.

But at the very beginning of VINECASE building we realized there are two paths to making wine – hand-made and mass production. Mass production method derives from a winery’s need to fulfill a volume order – typical of all the wine for sale in retail stores and restaurant chains. The winemaker’s goal here is to create an ‘even taste’ consistent throughout the entire order. Fulfilling a large case order requires a lot of blending with additives and flavor enhancers causing winemakers to utilize the tricks-of-the-trade to create a uniform taste: flavored yeasts, dyes, preservatives, oak chips and additives that add artificial flavor, smell and texture. Inherently due to this common practice, these mass-produced wines lack nuanced flavors, layering and all forms of uniqueness. Essentially, it’s fruit juice with alcohol.


The alternative path is to make wine in small, controlled batches. This technique best accentuates the unique flavors the winemaker brings out of the vineyard. This requires an entirely different process than mass-producers use, and results in a powerful array of tastes, aromas and textures. Key to this process is the use of native yeast fermentation (what the grape skin naturally provides), manual punch-downs, cold-soak fermentation and extensive time in oak barrels (not using oak chips, flavored yeast, texturing agents and dyes). This process is all very time consuming, labor-intensive and expensive. However, the result is something we consider true wine – and this is einfach ein Kunstwerk.


Winery is your friend

And definitely your best knowledge source. Our goal with VINECASE became to build a platform that would let passionate wine lovers connect with such authentic winemakers and move the wine experience too higher, much more personal level. Before the Internet, this connection and knowledge sharing was impossible. Even now almost all online shops, not to even mention offline shops, provide very little, often irrelevant, but definitely boring and not engaging technical information. At the same time winemakers have so much knowledge to share!

Go to WINZER, visit wineries, learn from them and try their wines. If you like the winery, you can add it to your collection in the user panel and be always up-to-date with their new vintages and releases. There is definitely no better way to learn about wine than this way – it’s like free tutorials in wine-making.


Wine meets Art

For our busy friends we wanted to create a curation service that would let them discover different wines from different wineries in the easiest possible way. This is how the idea for the CASE was born. CASE is the selection of 6 different wines from wineries on the platform, hand-picked by our curation team. Whether you want to travel to Spain or are looking for some wines to discover during winter evenings – CASE is for you!


Ok, you will ask, but where is the idea to combine wine with art coming from? Glad you asked! From the very beginning we considered hand-making winemakers to be artists of the craft. They are given the tools and create something unique. We have always been very fond of creative people. At the same time we wanted our wines to be delivered in something more unique than standard, grey cartoon boxes.

Then the idea came – what if we presented different artwork and promote different artists on the CASEs! We fell in love with this idea immediately. Each our CASE is designed by artists who present their vision on the given selection. Moreover, we are giving half of our CASEs to promote also artists from other creative industries, such as musicians, painters, fashion designers, architects – you can read their stories on the sides of the CASE while enjoying the glass. We can’t think of a more interesting wine adventure!


Wine connects people

We do it all, since we see wine as a universal product of human connection and enhanced creativity. These two aspects, focus on people and creativity, led us to create a wine brand that explores and promotes variety of creative industries.

Starting with hand-made wines, through our CASEs, with every CASE being artist-designed and unique, to VINECASE STORIES where we will soon discover the creative world through the eyes of insiders, our goal is to provide an entirely unique experience and broader horizons for every member of our community.

We hope you will join us!

Daniel & Martin